Gush 1.2 Changelog

News Reader

  • Upgraded to HTTP1.1 for downloading feeds
  • Restored support for RSS .91 feeds that was broken in 1.2 Preview
  • Fixed minor bugs in PubSub service support
  • Clearing a feed's history now properly closes the feed if open in the news reader
  • Renaming feeds now properly updates open feeds and news alert items
  • Fixed bug where keyboard scroll multiple scrollbars
  • Fixed bug where pressing space on the last item in the news reader would cause odd scroll behavior


  • Fixed bug where logging out and back in would break keyboard window switching

Gush 1.2 Preview Changelog


News Reader

  • Added News Alerts drawer to reader
  • Fixed bug where new entries were padded with extra newlines
  • Fixed bug where navigating to a new page did not reset the scrollbar to the top

Buddy List

  • Fixed bug where newly added contacts do not appear online
  • Fixed bug where moving contacts between groups did not update the online count properly

Notice Dropdown

  • Dropdown is now scrollable and has a history of 50 items

Theme / UI

  • Converted to use of non-modal dialogs when possible
  • Fixed newsfeed icon display issue when the icon was too large in width
  • Fixed theme error with display of imported contact list in gateway browser


  • Added support for jabber:iq:version

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