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Blogging has exploded in the past couple of years with people having an easy way to communicate their thoughts and feelings about whatever to whomever through a website using straightforward tools. Instant Messaging clients, interestingly have tapped the same desire of people to broadcast their views to a captive audience using Away Messages. The similarity is uncanny, but differ only in a couple of respects. The primary difference is that Away Messages have a limited or closed audience where as most blogs are viewable by anyone.

Gush Announcements, like Away Messages, is IM Blogging. Announcements eliminates most of the usage restrictions associated with Away Messaging in other Instant Messaging clients. By easily being able to refer to current and previous announcements in Gush Announcements, the technical differences between regular blogging and IM blogging melt away. IM Blogging using Away Messages restricted the audience to the Buddy List, but with Gush Announcements the user can transcend the distinction between a limited audience and an unrestricted audience by publishing Announcements to blogs when feature is supported by the servers.


Announcements allows you to conveniently "blog" to your friends, co-workers, and family instantly and privately.

With Announcements, you can quickly post to all your contacts or instead, pick a single group to receive your posts.

Read your contacts' latest announcements using the News Reader just like any other weblog. A contact's announcements are also available in their message window.

Set your availability by marking your announcements as away messages.

As with instant messages, announcements also support rich-text editing and Gush's text-style commands.

Easily track and reuse archived announcements by group with Gush's intuitive calendar interface.
Announce Manager

Announce Manager

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