Gush Transport Support

Now it's easy to talk with your AIM, MSN, Yahoo, and ICQ contacts.

Open the Gateway Browser by clicking on the Gateways item in the Main panel of the Side Bar. The Gateway browser will then display a list of gateways installed on your Jabber server. Alternatively browse other server gateways or specify a gateway name. If Gush has trouble loading a server's gateways, please read the provided notice on how to proceed. Once you have found a gateway, click on it to retrieve the registration information. Follow the provided directions and press Submit to register.

If you're registration is successful, you will see the gateway appear in the Registered Gateways listing. Clicking on a gateway you are already registered with will allow you to update your registration information, import contacts, or remove the gateway.
Currently, importing contacts is only supported for AIM and MSN gateways.

To import AIM or MSN contacts, you must first export a .blt buddy list file for AIM or .ctt contact file for MSN. When exporting an AIM buddy list, it is recommend that you unselect all options except for your contacts in the AIM export dialog. After selecting a file to import, Gush will allow you to select which contacts to include. Select a group or enter a new group name to import your contacts and press Import.

You can also add gateway contacts by clicking on a group in the buddy list and selecting "Add Contact..." from the menu. Be sure to select the proper Service when adding a contact. The drop down contains a list of all the gateways you are registered with as well as the default Jabber service.
Please be aware that the jabber transports are not maintained by 2entwine and may provide unreliable service. We will do our best to make sure the transports installed on run as error free as possible, but we can make not guarantees for the transports offered on other servers.

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