January 24, 2005

Working on FotoBuzz 0.2

We received a ton of good feedback on the first FotoBuzz release. Unfortunately, the 0.2 release is taking longer than expected, but we're trying to address as much of the feedback as possible for the next release. We don't want to leave everyone in the dark with respect to the current developments so below are the plans for the near future. If you feel like something major is being left out, please leave a comment.

New Features:
  • Script Hook-ins: This will make it much easier to extend the server-side scripts so you can do things like send an email alert when a new comment is made.
  • MySQL storage: FotoBuzz installations will have the option to store image annotations in a MySQL database.
  • New Comment Indicator: FotoBuzz will now keep track of the comments you've already seen.
  • Multiple Selection Comments: This will let you add a comment to a selection already on the image. The current release only allows one comment per selection.
  • Hide Comment Title: This will let you set an option so that only the selection box is visible and the full comment is shown when you rollover the selection. Currently the title comment is always visible.
  • Additional Comment Data: Instead of just providing a name, you'll be able to leave a URL and/or email address, and specify which fields are mandatory.
  • Options, options: We'll be adding a few more options to let you control what's displayed and current options like showing a shadow can now be set on a per image basis.
  • UI Changes: A few tweaks to fix some clunky interfaces.
  • Bug: Replace the blank dialog with an error message when unable the scripts are not able to write to the image.
  • Bug: URLs with spaces and other escaped characters causes problems at the moment.
  • Bug: A small bug prevents Linux users from loading pictures inside of FotoBuzz.
Posted by Wes at 08:52 PM