Thank You!

Gush would not have been possible without the efforts of many others. We would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to the following people and projects:

Python (Guido van Rossum & Co.)
py2exe & ctypes (Thomas Heller)
CJKCodecs (Hye-Shik Chang)
Psyco (Armin Rigo)
Universal Charset Detector
Python Win32all (Mark Hammond)
Python Image Library (Fredrik Lundh)
RSS HTTP Code (Mark Pilgrim)
Sleepcat's Berkeley DB
InnoSetup and ISTool (Jordan Russell & Bjørnar Henden)
SciTE|Flash (A!e Munoz)
Textile (Dean Allen)
Iron Systems
ScreenTime's mProjector

› Peter St. Andre for his excellent work on the .
› Rob Norris for creating Jabber Server 2.
› The rest of the community.
› Tim Goss and the rest of the support team at NorthCode for their help with SWF Studio.
Dave Winer & everyone else involved with RSS.

› The XEmacs community
› The FreeBSD Project
› The Apache community

› A special thanks to for kindly hosting this site.

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