Gush 1.1 Beta 2 Changelog

News Reader

  • Added support for Atom feeds
  • Use Space and Shift + Space to move between news items
  • Fixed image support for PNGs
  • Fixed restriction organizing feeds in news panel
  • Drag and drop feeds, groups, or contacts onto News Reader to open
  • Added image popup animations
  • Now remembers last desktop used for re-opening
  • Fixed bug that resulted in continuous reloading of thumbnails
  • Images now show scale information when resizing
  • Fixed auto-update bug in news panel


  • Added iChat style messaging mode
  • Added ability to export conversations as HTML or XML files
  • Use Chat Loader to share conversations
  • Option to immediately add contact not on your buddylist without closing the message window
  • Added parsing of incoming links from gateway contacts

Buddy List

  • New look and feel
  • Choose to show online contacts only
  • Contact tooltips now include gateway information
  • Added support to manage gateways
  • Fixed bug where collapse state was not remembered when doing roster operations
  • Pasting a JabberID in the add contact dialog auto parses into the two fields
  • Fixed bug that misparsed a JabberID when adding a contact via a dialog prompt
  • Fixed bug when renaming groups that could cause online/total count to be apart of the name


  • Double click desktop to trigger quick switch view
  • Dragging near desktop edges causes auto switch
  • Reinserted support for loading Flash backgrounds


  • Size and position of Gush window stored
  • Send message by Enter or Shift + Enter
  • Option to hide Desktop Navigator
  • Width of Presence Notices is now stored


  • Dramatically reduced CPU usage while composing messages
  • Dramatically reduced CPU and load time between roster operations (eg: move,rename,add,delete)
  • Reduced overall performance reduction when Gush is running for extended periods of time.

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