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Creative Commons
Gush 1.3
| Released February 1st 2005

Mac users need OS X 10.3 and must have Python installed. Otherwise please do a system update.

Gush 1.2
| Released September 13th 2004

Linux users need either Mozilla or Firefox and Macromedia Flash Player version 7,0,25,0.

System Requirements

- Operating System: Windows 98/2K/NT/XP | Mac OSX 10.3 | Linux (x86)
- Processor: Pentium/AMD 1GHz or better
- Memory : 256MB RAM (512MB Recommended)
- Disk Space: 50MB free disk space
- Flash Player: 7,0,19,0 (Win/Mac) | 7,0,25,0 (Linux) or later

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