Gush Proxy Setup

This tutorial is intented for users who are behind a firewall, corporate network, or are otherwise unable to login or register an account by
simply pressing "Connect".

If you do not have an existing jabber account, start off by pressing the "New User" button at the login screen. Then click on the "Advanced" button to bring up the configuration settings.
In most situations the "HTTP Proxy" option will work behind a firewall. If you have a account or are in the process of registering for one, the Proxy URL is already specified for you.
If you are connecting to a different server and do not know their Proxy URL or the HTTP Proxy option did not allow you to successfully connect, the HTTPS Proxy is an alternative. If you are using this setting for other applications, such as a web browser, refer to those settings for the Host and Port or ask your network administrator for the necessary information.

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