Gush Features

Jabber XMPP compliant
Support for MSN, AOL, Yahoo, ICQ
Comprehensive conversation
Split Chat style messaging
Offline messaging
Drag and drop sharing of contacts
Presence notifications with history
Text-style markup commands
/me commands
Granular Presence and Privacy

News Reader
PubSub" Instant News
Supports RSS, RDF, and Atom
Tabbed News Reader
Drag and drop sharing of
  news and feeds
Photoblog viewer
Tree news organization
Aggregate groups of feeds together
Newsfeed Auto-discovery
OMPL import/export
Secure-RSS support
Feed display customization
Bandwidth friendly
  (ETag, GZIP, Last-Modified)
No e-mail interface
Full unicode support
feed: URI protocol support

Easily "blog" to your contacts,
  instantly and privately
Post to individual groups or
  all contacts
Integrated with Gush News Reader
Attach availability with posts
Archive management and
  easy reuse of posts

Stylish clutter-free design
Virtual desktops
Simple menu system
Auto-layout management
Keyboard navigation

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