Buddy List Features

If you think there's nothing exciting about a buddy list, think again! The Gush Buddy List provides a number of features, including the ability to control your appearance on a global, group, and even individual level.

contact-status: how your contacts appear to you in the buddy list.
user-status: how you appear towards your contacts in their buddy list.

Online Contacts are sorted to the top of each group and appear in bold text. Idle Contacts are dimmed.

Tooltips provide useful information including the idle time, unread announcements, and subscription type.

Your user-status is represented by the different lightbulbs on the right hand side of the buddy list.

User-status is not effected by messaging your contacts. You can message your contacts and still appear available , away , or invisible .

Changing the group user-status will override any individual user-status settings in that group except if a user is blocked.

Only individual contacts whose user-status is different from the group's will have a light-bulb indicator.

The announcement icon will appear next to a contacts name when you receive new announcements. Clicking on the icon will open the announcement tab for the contact in their message window.

Easily select multiple contacts and drag them to new groups.

Gush Buddy List
The Global user-status is set to available.

Indicates an idle user. Mouse over a contact to see the time idle.

User-status is set to Invisible. This means that a contact cannot see you online, but they can still send you messages and vice versa.

Group user-status is set to Away. In the example, 'dudley' will see that I'm Away, but 'some guy' won't since I've explicitly marked him to see that I am Available.

The Announce icon indicates newly received announcements from 'some guy'.

Contact-status is Away.

Shows that a contact is blocked. Sorry mom, it was only for demonstration purposes :)

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