November 30, 2004

Using FotoBuzz with Ecto

Jonas Luster has posted a tutorial on using FotoBuzz with the popular blogging client, Ecto. The tutorial also shows you how to integrate FotoBuzz with Drupal. Thanks Jonas!
Posted by Wes at 01:20 PM

November 22, 2004

FotoBuzz + folderblog

folderblog is a simple, clean, PHP-driven photoblogging utility written by Donald Tetto. Donald documented adding folderblog support for FotoBuzz on the folderblog wiki. With only a couple of small changes, you can have a photoblog with FotoBuzz support.
Posted by Dudley at 05:43 PM

November 21, 2004

FotoBuzz DotClear Plugin

Francois, the man behind HotLinks, has graciously contributed a plugin for the blogging tool, DotClear, that lets you use FotoBuzz with posted images.

You can download the plugin here.
Posted by Wes at 07:57 PM

November 20, 2004

FotoBuzz for Documentation

FotoBuzz is great for documenting the latest weekend snapshot of the extended family, but it has to be able to get work done during the week just like everyone else. FotoBuzz can be used to document product pictures, screenshots of running software, and so forth.

We've started using FotoBuzz to document our screenshots of Gush. Before our screenshots were static images display Gush's pretty interface, but new users were probably perplexed with all the new features. So by using FotoBuzz on our screenshots a web visitor can just mouse over the annotations and get a description of the feature. See for yourself.
Posted by Dudley at 11:14 PM

FotoBuzz Viewlet 0.1 Released!

We're proud to announce the first release of the FotoBuzz viewlet. With just a few small changes to your existing website you can have image commenting.

This release of FotoBuzz requires PHP or Python support on your server and version 7 of the Flash Player. Since comments are actually stored inside your images, there is a current limitation that your images must be on the same server as the FotoBuzz script files.

The download includes a sample page to test your setup and our how to page shows you how to modify your existing pages to support FotoBuzz.

Give it a try and let us know what you think! Finally, comment on images the way you were always meant to!
Posted by Wes at 01:23 AM