What's New in Gush 1.1 Beta

You spoke and we listened. The best news reader and instant messenger just got a whole lot better. And we're far from done. Read on to find what's new and what's in store in the near future.
More Than Jabber
Now you can talk to MSN, AIM, Yahoo, and ICQ contacts using Gush. Just provide your login details, import your contacts and you're off! For more detail and a tutorial on using transports click here.

Drag Till You Drop
Gush now allows you to easily share contacts, newsfeeds, and links! Just drag and drop, and you're done. Just read something interesting in your favorite blog? Drag the article link over a contact in the buddy list, a message window or even share it with a whole group by dragging a link to a group in your buddy list. Better yet, share the blogs you read by dragging them to a message window. Since gush now supports the xmpp: and feed: URI schemes it's even easier to share.

Use drag and drop to get organized. You are no longer confined to alphabetical ordering. Easily re-arrange your buddy list or newsfeeds in whatever order suites you best.

News You Can See
The Gush News Reader has a smooth new look and even better RSS support. Support for feed icons and a unique image thumbnail viewer, brings a new dimension to reading your news. Click on a thumbnail to see the full size image and resize it while the image automatically maintains the original aspect ratio. There's still plenty to come. Check out the Gush 1.1 Road Map below to see what else is in store.

Details, Details
The addition of presence alerts, notifies you when contacts come online, go offline and go idle. Just missed the last notice? Click on the drawer to see an expanded list of the recent presence changes.
Sound support lets you know of new messages while your attention is away from Gush.

A number of performance enhancements have been made including significantly smoother window dragging, more responsive menus, faster loading preference manager, and a more intelligent auto-layout algorithm. Numerous component redesigns and usability improvements have been added for a more comfortable experience.

Now you can instant message all your comments, suggestions, and bugs to . As always you can still contact us via email or check out the .

Gush 1.1 Road Map

coming soon ...

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