January 19, 2005

Gush 1.3 Preview

Gush 1.3 Preview Release is now available. Most notable about the latest release is the inclusion of Text Conference support (Jabber's Multi-User Chat). Gush's text conferencing is full featured yet simple. Click on the thumbnails to see for yourself:
tc_roombrowser_thumb.jpg tc_room_thumb.jpg
The 1.3 release also brings with it a large number of performance improvements over the past releases. In previous release, Gush performed poorly when having to load large number of buddies or news feeds.

The MacOS X version of Gush is considerably better than the 1.2 release. Thanks to the ScreenTime folks and their amazing mProjector product for the Mac (to be released very soon), Gush is more responsive on the Mac, and it doesn't have any of the problems associated with having used Apple's WebKit to host the Flash portion.

Wes has also been very busy updating and refining the look and feel of the latest version. Download and take a look for yourself.

Once you're up and running with the new version of Gush, feel free to drop in on the Gush Help conference room (). Wes and I should be around most of the time to answer questions. Posted by Dudley at January 19, 2005 04:20 PM

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